Rating of the best foods to increase potency

5 best foods for potency

Consumption of certain foods containing the necessary set of vitamins and trace elements can help to increase the sexual performance of a man. In the diet of a man should be widely represented so-called fertility vitamins, which include A, E and representatives of the B group, known for their ability to improve the passage of nerve impulses. It is important to consume as much food as possible, which has an activating effect on the body.

Fish and seafood, particularly mackerel, plaice, oysters, and vegetables, especially turnips, are the most effective among the range of foods. Proven by experience the beneficial effect on the potency of rennet (camel stomach). It also matters how these products are consumed, so that many people will find this information interesting.

1. Camel's stomach

Camel stomach deservedly occupies the 1st place as the best product for increasing the potency! Its effect is no worse than "Viagra", while being absolutely harmless to the body. The only drawback is that it is very difficult to find this product.

The stomach of a camel for hundreds of years helped men to increase an erection. Nomadic tribes of the East: the Mongols, Bedouins, and many others resorted to this powerful tool to improve the potency and extend life, so it is not uncommon among them to have children even over 50 years.

Such a strong healing effect can have a special dried stomach. It is recommended to take it just before intercourse or half an hour before it. The effect will appear immediately, to achieve it, it is enough to take 3 grams of the product, this is a piece no larger than a pea.

From rennet prepare a special alcoholic tincture as follows: take half a liter of vodka and pour with it 100 grams of dried camel stomach. The remedy is insisted for 2 weeks in shaded and cool conditions.

2. oysters

Oysters are another product that occupies the 2nd place in the ranking, known for its stimulating effect on the male sexual organ and ranked in the group of aphrodisiacs. The benefits of clams is due to the high content of organic zinc and rare amino acids that can activate the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone, and increase the number of sperm. In addition, oysters contain dopamine, a libido-enhancing substance.

The scientists determined that the concentration of amino acids and zinc in the shellfish is the highest in the spring, when these marine creatures are actively reproducing. Therefore the oysters caught in this season are the most suitable for increasing the potency.

For certain therapeutic purposes this product is recommended to eat raw, because heat treatment can lead to the loss of many useful substances. Lemon juice, which is sprinkled on the oysters before eating, will help to improve the taste of the dish.

But do not resort to this method too often, because the Chinese and European scientists have proved that the constant consumption of shellfish is harmful to health and even reproductive function because of the excessive mercury content. According to other studies, raw oysters are often carriers of the bacterium Vibrio Vulnificus, which can cause numerous diseases, the most innocuous of which can be considered gastroenteritis. The health risk increases if a person has liver disease or wounds on the surface of the skin. People suffering from immune disorders, diabetes, low acidity, taking corticosteroids and antacids should also refrain from eating raw shellfish.

An alternative way to increase potency with oysters without damaging your health is to take a bath filled with one third of an oyster in hot water. Even after one hour of lying in such a composition the improvement of sexual function is stated. After 5 sessions you can forget about impotency.

3. Flounder

Flounder is not only very tasty but also extremely useful fish, known for its special effect on male sexual function, which is explained by its high content of vitamins A, B and E, amino acids, trace elements, especially zinc. Flounder is rich in complete and balanced protein, which, thanks to the lower content of connective tissues, is much better absorbed by the human body. This fish also contains other active substances that have a positive effect on health in general, thereby increasing potency.

For the most complete preservation of useful properties, plaice should be steamed, stewed or boiled. The product should be brought to perfection and stop the heat treatment.

Flounder due to its dietary properties is suitable for general consumption. The only exception is people with an individual intolerance to this product. Only in salted and dried form it should not be eaten by patients with cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Boiled mackerel

Thanks to the abundance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which participate in the biosynthesis of testosterone, it has a beneficial effect on the sexual health of men and even on the reproductive qualities of women. Frequent use of this product in boiled form increases potency and sperm production. For the quality of the latter is responsible phosphorus, which is part of the mackerel in significant quantities. Iodine ensures the presence of sexual desire, and the protein is the building material for sperm cells.

Be sure to include this tasty product in your diet and you will be surprised with the result!

5. Turnip

Turnips rightfully occupy the top rating of the best foods that improve potency! This vegetable is full of vitamins, trace elements and substances that have a restorative effect and have a beneficial effect on sexual performance, contributing to the release of testosterone.

Turnip seeds can stimulate sexual desire and increase potency. The same effect can be achieved by adding the boiled vegetable to the meat dishes.

You can make a special healing mixture based on boiled grated turnips, mixed with pureed carrots in a ratio of 1:1 and add a teaspoon of honey. The finished product is recommended to take a third glass three times a day. The effect will not be long.

Here is another recipe: boil a large turnip in half a liter of cow's milk, then grate and mix with the liquid in which it was cooked. To enhance the therapeutic effect of the remedy, you can add 100 grams of honey. The final product is taken four times a day in an amount of 50 g.

Contraindications: People with acute inflammatory bowel disease, cholecystitis, central nervous system diseases and hepatitis should refrain from eating turnips. 

What else is good for men for potency?

There are many other products that can improve men's sexual health. The inclusion in the diet of items from this list will allow you to solve erection problems without resorting to medication. But if you need medications we recommend Kamagra gel as a solution!


This product is not for nothing considered a native male product, it is also an effective aphrodisiac. This is a high-energy food that promotes the production of the hormone thyroxine. The action of this substance is aimed at intensifying oxidative reactions in cells, maintaining hormonal excitability of nerve centers. The abundance of trace elements and nutrients makes meat an indispensable part of the diet in problems with potency.

The most useful are red lean meat such as horse meat, beef and lamb and dietary - rabbit, turkey products, chicken and frog legs.

Among the more exotic products of this group it is worth noting the scallops of roosters, roasted with onions testicles of rams and bulls, meat of pheasants and thrushes. Men of the East are confident in the effectiveness of dog meat seasoned with turtle blood and vegetable oil.

Meat dishes are ideally steamed or stewed. It is consumed with plenty of greens and vegetables, only potatoes are not the best side dish in this case.

It is important to remember that too frequent inclusion of a large amount of meat in the diet can have the opposite effect: the body throws all its forces on digestion of this product, from which the sexual activity and ability is greatly reduced.


It is much more innocuous than meat, it is easily digested and can help in the restoration of sexual function. It is recommended to eat fish dishes at least twice a week, the iodine and phosphorus they contain will influence the increase and maintenance of sexual activity. Among the methods of preparation of such food, preference should be given to boiling and steaming. Choosing between river and sea foods, you should choose the latter, it is richer in useful substances. For therapeutic purposes are used not only the fish fillet itself, but also caviar, in which the concentration of vitamins and trace elements is much more significant.


Daily consumption of nuts increases the potency. They contain a lot of vitamin E, B, and are also rich in zinc and magnesium, which are the substances that have a healing effect on the sexual system. In addition, the composition of nuts includes arginine, which activates the production of nitric oxide, a substance necessary for an erection.

For the treatment of potency problems, the daily diet includes a variety of nuts: hazelnut, almond, cashew, peanut, walnut and others. Each of them has a unique composition and properties, but equally beneficial to the body.

Maximum benefit gives the use of raw products. Even more effective are the mixtures of several kinds of nuts, as well as their combination with honey. The combination of nuts with dried fruits or fresh bananas, apples, beets and carrots will help to achieve high results. A good alternative can be the preparation of various meat and fish dishes with the addition of nuts, this will transform the taste of the dish and make it even more useful.

Cedar nuts are in many ways superior to other products of this group in terms of the quality of its composition. It strengthens health and improves the functioning of the sexual organ. It is recommended to eat it in a raw form, sometimes you can indulge yourself with roasted nuts (slightly roasted), which are much tastier, but retain their nutritional properties.

Nutmeg is an excellent remedy for sexual weakness. To get a therapeutic effect, you should eat it daily. But this spice should not be consumed in large quantities, it is enough to add its powder to dishes a little at a time. You can dilute a pinch of nutmeg in water and drink the resulting drink. The daily dose should not exceed a third of a teaspoon. Failure to comply with the dosage is fraught with serious poisoning and even fatal.


The seafood has proven to be a good aphrodisiac. Among them, crayfish, shrimp, squid, mussels deserve special attention and place in the male diet. They improve potency and contribute to the regeneration of sperm. This is due to the high content of zinc and selenium in marine products. The meat of rays and sharks contains specific stimulating substances that are particularly beneficial to the level of libido.

When cooking seafood, it is necessary to choose those methods that most fully preserve the original composition of useful substances. Some of the items on this list can be eaten raw or after minimal heat treatment.


Vegetables can also have an effect on sexual desire. They are eaten as a main dish or added as a side dish to the above mentioned products in order to increase their healing effect.

This group consists of all kinds of onions, cabbage, carrots, beets, lettuce, celery, radishes, asparagus, peppers, and garlic. They enrich the body with essential vitamins that increase potency, have an impact on the hormonal background, increase libido. Inclusion of these vegetables in the daily menu in raw and cooked form will improve health in general and sexual function in particular.

Celery is especially worth mentioning! Some experts call it a natural analogue of "Viagra".


Chocolate has a slightly different effect. Dark varieties of the product contain significant amounts of theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine, and phenylethylamine, a special chemical compound that can provoke feelings of love and increase libido. The antioxidants contained in chocolate improve mood and well-being by creating favorable conditions for normal functioning of the genitals.

Only dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 65 percent and only in small quantities should be consumed. Products with fillers are not suitable for therapeutic purposes, with the exception of nuts. A certain therapeutic effect on the potency can also have a chocolate drink.

It is better not to use the dainty for people with liver diseases and unstable blood pressure, as well as with the problem of the pancreas

Dates with almonds

Dates with almonds not only increase potency, but also increase the quality and quantity of semen, and also contribute to prolonging the duration of sexual intercourse due to the high sugar content in the dried fruit. To prepare such a necessary remedy, dates are carefully washed, cut into rings, remove the seeds, mixed with almonds and wrapped in coconut plates. In half an hour after consuming this dish, the desired effect appears.

Quail eggs

This is an indispensable product for men who have problems with potency. The daily use of them increases the sex drive and allows you to get several orgasms in a relatively short period (about an hour). Achieving such an effect is possible thanks to the presence in the quail eggs of many useful substances, especially phosphorus, iron, amino acids involved in the sexual system.

You can consume the product in raw form, because fresh quail eggs do not cause salmonellosis and other diseases. This is due to the fact that the body temperature of the bird reaches 40 ° C, pathogenic germs die in such an environment. About 4 pieces per day are drunk. Quail eggs are often combined with other products designed to improve the erection, to increase the healing properties, on their basis create medicinal mixtures.

Contraindications to the use of this product relate only to those people who have kidney disease, liver disease or have problems with protein absorption.

Chickens' Eggs

Chicken eggs are slightly poorer in composition and their use in raw form carries the risk of contracting some infectious diseases. But since ancient times, they were used in combination with onions to improve potency and treat erection problems, so their use with observance of hygienic norms can have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the sexual system.

Beech extract

Beebreadth has on the male body multifaceted effects. This substance consists of a special way treated bees pollen, which itself is the male sex cells of the plant. Beebreadth contains a huge amount of protein, which is necessary for the male body for a full sexual life. Sexual potency requires a supply of energy, which also can be extracted from this product bee. It contains a lot of simple carbohydrates - fructose and glucose, which are easily digested by the body with the instant production of the necessary strength. Beebreadth promotes the secretion of testosterone. It also provides the necessary blood supply to the male organ by improving the cardiovascular system. Thus, Beebreadth is a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of male impotence.

To increase potency daily use about 10 g of the product, with impotence the amount should be increased, but first consult a specialist. For therapeutic purposes, it is necessary to choose only high-quality beebreadth, preferably directly from the apiary. Only in this case it will have the desired effect.

Unlike other bee products, beebreading beebreadth rarely causes allergies. But patients with cancer, Graves' disease, with metabolic disorders from it will have to give up, as well as people with an individual intolerance to this substance.

Fruits and berries

Fruits and berries, too, can have a positive effect on male potency. This is especially true for bananas, strawberries, mangoes, raspberries, grapes and other similar products. Fresh, dried fruits and berries increase libido and improve sexual stamina. Many of them contain antioxidants that slow the passage of aging processes in the body. The optimum balance of trace elements and vitamins contained in these products provides a man with the necessary energy and abilities. It improves the work of the entire endocrine system and the production of sex hormones in particular.

What to drink to increase potency?

Some drinks not only refresh and replenish the level of fluid in the body, but additionally can have a positive effect on the sexual activity of a man. They include freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, koumiss and ginger tea. Constant consumption of these drinks will contribute to solving erection problems and overall strengthening of the body.

Fresh juices for potency

Juices squeezed immediately before use, can be equal in degree of influence to the known medications, at the same time they are safe for health and bring additional benefits to the whole body. Not all fruit and vegetable drinks are equally effective in solving men's problems, the leader is considered to be pomegranate juice. It improves blood circulation and blood flow to the pelvis, and the nitrogen it contains relaxes the circulatory system. Complement the picture of the healing effect of vitamins and trace elements, which are filled with this drink.

Pumpkin is known for its beneficial effects on men's health, so the juice from it excellently copes with potency problems. The effect is due to the rich content in this drink of zinc, which is actively involved in the sexual system of the stronger half of mankind.

Juice squeezed from celery root contains androtestosterone, a substance that converts into testosterone during fermentation, so its benefits for male impotence are beyond doubt.

The juice of watermelon, which is released when eating the berry itself, is recognized as an effective remedy for impotence. It contains a large amount of citrulline - an amino acid that, when ingested, is converted into arginine. This substance contributes to the dilation of blood vessels and improves blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the quality of erections.

The drinks that have a good effect on the potency should include juices of all fruits and vegetables, which contain an abundance of vitamin E.

Juices can be consumed alone or as part of natural cocktails. It is important to keep in mind that only beverages prepared immediately before consumption have a therapeutic effect, not their store-bought counterparts.

Mare's milk (koumiss)

Mare's milk has a rejuvenating and restorative effect on the body, it can normalize metabolism, improve blood composition and cardiovascular system. This product of fermented dairy and alcoholic horse milk contains important hormones that have a powerful effect on the immune system. No wonder that this drink has the best effect on male potency, increases reproductive capacity and sexual activity.

It is recommended to drink Koumiss 30 minutes after breakfast, in an amount of 1 cup. The dosage should be coordinated with a specialist, it may vary depending on the general state of health of men and the presence of other diseases. For example, with acute gastrointestinal tract diseases are not recommended to use this drink at all. People with an individual intolerance to koumiss or its constituent lactose will have to refrain from treatment with mare's milk.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is rich in vitamins from group B, A, C, amino acids, trace elements and minerals that affect the cardiovascular system of the body, promote blood thinning, strengthen blood vessels, remove toxins and stimulate the brain. All this leads to improved potency and male health.

Ginger tea is easy to prepare. You need to take a small piece of ginger root (about 2 cm), peel it, crush it with a knife or grate it on a grater. The resulting substance should be poured over boiling water and insist about 10 minutes. In the drink to improve the taste and increase the healing properties, you can add honey and lemon. You can also use dried ginger root as an initial raw material, but in this case, the useful properties will be less and the effectiveness of the remedy will be lower.

Not everyone can drink ginger tea, in the presence of a diagnosis of ulcers, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, cirrhosis of the liver, cholelithiasis, diseases of the cardiovascular system and skin, the use of this drink is prohibited. Individual intolerance and allergies are strong arguments in favor of refusing treatment with this remedy. Everyone else before starting the systematic use of ginger tea should consult a doctor about the advisability of this measure.

What is harmful to the potency?

Not all products have a beneficial effect on potency, some, on the contrary, can provoke male malaise, decreased testosterone production and diminished sexual activity. It is clear that the content of the diet of such substances should be reduced or eliminated completely.

It is impossible to list all the products that are detrimental to male sexual function, so we should focus on the main qualities of the food that should be abstained from:

  • Smoked foods contain a special smoking liquid that can cause toxic damage to the testicles, the main producers of testosterone.
  • Alcohol greatly reduces the production of male hormone and harms the testicles. Beer poses a particular danger because in addition to alcohol it contains female sex hormones called phytoestrogens.
  • Various fizzy drinks, in addition to harmful sugar and caffeine, contain thirst enhancers that lead to dehydration.
  • The abundant consumption of corn, linseed and soybean oils can lead to a decrease in testosterone production. The norm should not exceed 6 tablespoons per day.
  • Damage is caused by yeast white bread, pastries.
  • Fatty milk contains estrogen, which in large quantities negatively affects male sexual function, the norm is 1 liter.
  • Fast food is dangerous because of its high content of various harmful substances, which have a negative effect on testosterone production.
  • Soy, like beer, has female hormones phytoestrogens, which are the opposite of testosterone in their effects on the body. So you can not use this product as a full substitute for meat, it is fraught with suppression of male sexual functions.
  • Products with an excess of harmful cholesterol (chips, pizza and other fast food, mayonnaise, various smoked meats and sausages, as well as all foods fried in oil).
  • Animals can be given female hormones to accelerate growth and gain weight, so frequent consumption of commercial pork, chicken and beef is bad for men.
  • Foods containing caffeine, which has the ability to destroy free testosterone. The norm is a cup of coffee a day. Soluble drink is harmful in any amount. This also applies to energy drinks, which only create the effect of lifting, but in fact load the heart muscle and worsen the condition of the vessels.
  • Cilantro in small quantities can be used as a means to improve potency, but its excessive use gives diametrically opposite effect.
  • Sugar, salt and other substances necessary for a man every day, when consumed in large quantities, begin to be harmful and have a negative effect on the male potency.