Marks Restaurant … proudly serving the Surf Coast for over 20 years.

The restaurant is newly renovated and feels fantastic to be in.

The garden has been providing wonderful rocket. Parsley is strong and cleansing. I saw the first shoots of tarragon..hopefully a good year so we can build up our supplies of tarragon vinegar to serve with our oysters. By the way the oysters at the moment are brilliant.

Our good friend Vayia shared her Aunties recipe for braised rabbit…which we have paired with a traditional Greek pastitsio to make a rather novel rabbit macaroni & cheese. Lorne’s fine food culture owes so much to generations of Greek restaurateurs. We have them in our thoughts as we present this dish. Yasou.

We’ve played with lots of different potatoes to make good chips and we’ve finally got the right type. Grown especially by the Scott family in Gerangamite. They are called Sonics and they are brilliant.

Ive put on about 5kg…retasting all our wonderful desserts….the mousse…the passionfruit icecream…..ah and the blue cheese. Consistent and fabulous. having to fit an 80 seater restaurant into a 50 seater has provided us with some cooking nectars which we weren’t normally allowed to touch. We poached some pears in Averna…well that was successful. A touch of butterscotch, some vanilla icecream & a flourish oatmeal crumbs has made something that sits proud alongside the classics.

Marks Restaurant proudly serving local & homemgrown produce…whilst not turning our back on what the wonderful stuff the rest of the world has to offer.

Congratulations to all riders and organisers of the the 4th Amys Gran Fondo, to be held in Lorne. The day was perfect, the event went off without a hitch and already we are counting down the days till next years event.

Dinner from 6pm      Tuesday  ->  Saturday

Saturday lunch 11.30am -> 3pm