Marks Restaurant … proudly serving the Surf Coast for over 20 years.

Its always refreshing to come back to glorious produce. All the seafood is in excellent condition. Oysters are at their best & the flake is firm & juicy.
Spring is when wild native spinach is at it’s best..I like to tempura it with some fish, some simple mayonnaise & a sprinkle of dukkah finishes the dish. The warm weather toughens the spinach, so if you want to try this dish, better do so now.

At last with Rudis help we’ve perfected our native pepperberry sausages. Pork, salt, pepper….that’s it. Again simple accompaniments of mash, some excellent Istra bacon AKA kaisserflesch & a slow cooked gorgeous onion & thyme gravy. Not groovy….just bloody good. Ester from Delrios at nearby Anakie….love that name…allowed me to buy some of her quality 11 merlot/ cabernet……goes nicely with the snags.

Funny 26 years ago when we opened in the first Marks in Aireys Inlet….Who’d have thought that a few decades later the world would be coping with a tsunami of salted caramel…not to be outdone & following the tsunami theme we’ve made ours from seawater…..delicious, incredibly delicious. Perfect sauce for our sago date puddings.

I was picking up some seaweed the other morning & came upon a huge Tuna fish head…….magnificent in death, it must have been incredible in life (you can see the photo on our instagram page: markslorne) Being a chef is such a privileged craft…..what we do can really have not only an impact on YOU, but also on the world we all share.

Opening Hours
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11.30 to 3 pm

Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm

Generally closed Sunday & Monday and Melbourne Cup Day
Open more over the Summer, Easter, Amys’ Gran Fondo and other holy days of obligation.