It’s over….the fun, energy & brilliance of Amys Gran Fondo is over for another year. Fantastic weekend, congratulations to all competitors, organizers & especially the Wiggle cheer squad.

I hope you’ve all tried some of the scallops in 1/2 shell…..cause I think they are all gone;either eaten or put into the freezer for another day. You wont see them here again till they are fresh. Why not have some lamb. My old mate Paul has chosen some of the most succulent cuts so suited to slow cooking for us. That done it’…they just scream for pasta and that’s how it will be done.

The road is a wee bit damaged but dont dispair come via Deans Marsh. Wonderful Lorne is still here for your enjoyment.

Dinner Tuesday – Saturday from 6

Sarurday lunch 11.30- 3.00