Marks Restaurant … proudly serving the Surf Coast for over 20 years.

The restaurant is newly renovated and feels fantastic to be in.

If you like oysters…this is the time of year to partake. Juicy, full of real oyster flavour and also generous. Enjoy for the next few months. We open them ourselves to ensure they are fresh…….and tasty shhhhhh.

Picked some beautiful silverbeet this morning which has now been transformed into our gnocchi gratin, with ricotta & pumpkin puree. Looks like becoming a permanent fixture on the menu.
Fresh local calamarie………becomes our signature dish with Japanese influenced silverbeet salad & sesame dressing. Pickled octopus, mixed with capsicum caponata on garlic herb bruschetta….clean & flavoursome.

We’ve played with lots of different potatoes to make good chips and we’ve finally got the right type. Grown especially by the Scott family in Gerangamite. I remember in Colac as a kid, finding the coke bottle on the way to school which we’d turn into potato cakes on the way home. The sonic potatoes make the best old school potato cakes that we serve with a dollop of mayonnaise. An easy starter waiting for people arrive with a glass of chilled fino sherry.

Robert from Yorkshire shared his recipe for Yorkshire pudd. He stirs stiffly beaten eggwhites through his batter, never heard that before ….but it is marvellous. We’ve put the recipe on the marks restaurant instagram page.

Ive put on about 5kg…retasting all our wonderful desserts….the mousse…the passionfruit icecream…..ah and the blue cheese. Consistent and fabulous.The bananas are at last perfect for our puddings with macadamia nuts & butterscotch sauce. Another classic…that just keeps on selling. Some fresh strawberries found their way into the kitchen. Tossed in some icing sugar with a coconut vacherin with vanilla icecream & some of that posh Persian pistachio fairy floss.

Marks Restaurant proudly serving local & homemgrown produce…whilst not turning our back on what the wonderful stuff the rest of the world has to offer.

Dinner from 6pm      Tuesday  ->  Saturday

Saturday lunch 11.30am -> 3pm