Marks Restaurant … proudly serving the Surf Coast for over 20 years.

Ah sensible pople enjoy Lorne during the Winter school holidays. Plenty of sunshine during the day and warmth inside at night. The shortest day is over and time to start thinking about Summer. Lettuce at this time of year is full of flavour and crunch. Cold weather rocket especially has a remarkable personality & when we top it with some hard aged parmesan cheese; you have a salad sturdy to stand up against other sustaining winter flavours. Kangaroo steaks chargrilled rare, with masterstock enhanced beetroot, our incredible eye filets & duck…now with mulberries (saved from Summer) …..mushrooms on white polenta…lots to choose. The fish….if you havent tried our blackened flake…..remember life is not a dress rehearsal. Both shark & oysters are at their best during the colder months.
I saw some lovely old school pako pears, we’ve poachem,with some quince cordial. What better way to serve them than with some of our homemade pastry, berry & coconut icecream and a drizzle of cooking juices…….a wine watch…..choose whatever Rutherglen fortified suits you….sit, sip & enjoy. Just remember…not too many fortifieds.

Opening Hours
Lunch :
Friday,& Saturday
11.30 to 3 pm

Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm

Generally closed Sunday & Monday.
Open more over the Summer, Easter and other holy days of obligation.