So many lovely nibbly bits…some quality WA octopus, Mt Zero olives, our homemade flatbreads & hummus, lovely City larder chicken liver pate and of course oysters..opened here and a glass of Chambers dry apera….ahhhhh.

Hands up those who have never tried sweetbreads…no they’re not balls, but either pancreas or thymus. I call them beginners offal & we do them really well. Even though I was a country boy I’d never tried them (actually never knew they existed !) until I worked with Denis Narcon: a French chef who thought we Ossies were all barbarians. That was the early 80’s so he was probably right ! Anyway Chef Denis could cook and the method we use goes straight back to him and the Troisgros brothers where he learnt it from.

We love you Jo.

Dinner Tuesday – Saturday from 6

Saturday lunch 11.30- 3.00